How Can the Indiana Creamery License Division Help You?

Christy Coon, CLD Manager

The Indiana Creamery License Division will celebrate 100 years of service to the Indiana Dairy Industry next year.

Our mission is to ensure fairness and accuracy in the weighing, sampling and testing of milk and cream purchased in Indiana through the implementation of inspection and educational programs.

Basically, if you are an Indiana Dairy farmer and you think you are not being paid accurately for your milk, be that because of poor sampling or record keeping by your milk sampler, or other individual, a processor that isn't paying you promptly, or you just want to double check the BF and protein results your lab is sending you, we can help.

Over the past year we have helped farmers with processors who were 3-6 months behind in paying their producers, double checked BF and Protein scores for 2 different farms and compared the results to their cooperative's lab results.

We have performed 100's of load audits of milk samplers of Indiana dairy farms to take a proactive approached to monitoring milk sampler performance, held milk sampler training courses and conducted an intensive investigation to a report of illegitimate records and milk that was not accounted for.

Most of the issues we check into must be brought to our attention by the farmer. You know your farm better than anyone else and we depend on you to bring any issues or concerns you have to us.

The Creamery License Division has a board of directors consisting of 8 members. The make-up of the board is as follows, 3 dairy producers, 3 dairy processors, a milk hauler/sampler, and a representative from the Animal Science Department and Purdue University. The day to day activities are performed by the CLD manager. Basically, it is a one man (woman) operation. The division does have a part-time secretary to help with our paperwork, phone calls, and record keeping.

Things that you need to be sure you are doing in case you would need the CLD's assistance:

• Keep ACCURATE AND THOROUGH RECORDS - I can't stress this enough.  You must be sure to keep all your barn charts, pay stubs, lab scores, etc. 

If we would need to do a history check on any of this information, you need to be able to supply it.

• If there is an issue with your BF or protein scores, CALL ASAP - milk samples don't keep forever.  If you are having an issue with your BF or protein scores, sampling, lab results, etc. we need to know ASAP so that we can assist you before the milk samples go bad, or are disposed of.  If you had an issue 3 months ago where you had a few milk samples come back with, what you feel, are inaccurate scores, I can't be of much help.

The CLD operates off Indiana Code 15-18-2. We only have the authority to do what this code gives us authority to do.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.  Our website is

You can find all of our contact information and some more resources about us there.

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