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ZFS Feed Ingredient Update - Sept. 2022

As the cooler temperatures try to move in, so do cooler market values with a little bit of resistance via the world markets on the news wire. While it is easy to look out back and see our own crops, we forget sometimes that we help supply the world demand, and those markets really have a larger effect on prices than close to home weather or yields. Demand has been greater all year, and with South American, Europe and Asia sales and logistic movements, when a supply hiccups, it is playing the market where you are too. The USDA report issued on Monday September 12th., before harvest shows the actual numbers and quality.


With that said, be ready with your tonnage needed per feed ingredient commodity, and what your ration might look like based on forages put up already and your other farm yields. Ingredient opportunities arise at processors around the Midwest, and it is very valuable to be able to take in some discounted, quick-ship price feeds. For example, being ready and prepared matters as DDG and Gluten feeds are a big part of that scenario when containers or rail might hiccup.


Soybean meal processing plants are taking turns on downtime maintenance and have tightened up the basis here for September, into the first half of October, while the new soybeans cure in bins before processing, with hulls coming off easier. Hulls, too, will remain tight through this period, until into full swing of new bean processing, then again, hulls opportunities might call as space gets tight at plant occasionally.


DDG ethanol plants were running full speed, but are taking downtimes now thru first half October, so keeping those values tight. Export bids are already pushing Oct-Dec values higher than nearby offers. Gluten plants will take downtime in October, giving some opportunities nearby now in September to fill up your bins ahead of that short supply time. Wet gluten will probably be most plentiful on the market during downtime was dryers get maintenance.


Cottonseed has taken a little beating by the rains in the deep South over last 2 weeks, pushing that value for Gin Run seed up at least $50/ton. Call your merchandiser with tonnage needs to get those locked in, as more weather could delay harvest if a hurricane sets up during picking. Contracts are available. Hominy values seem to be steady to better through December, vs. ground corn so give a call to inquire on availability to use some in your ration. Contracts are available September-December.


Wheat midds are available for contracts September-December as well if you need more loose feed, fiber with some starch, source in diet. Canola meal crop was much better this year than last year’s, which was impacted by drought, so there are contracts now being offered through March. If you want to use this protein source in your ration, inquire for offers. Bakery feed MAX is in good supply for fattening young stock cattle, or a boost in dairy diet as well. The fat is lower than has been, avg. 4-5%, and product is more flowable, so give a call for an analysis.

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